S06-039. American, very late 4th quarter 19th century, signed in script "Haittmann & Saxe Makers Philada." Made entirely of polished brass, and standing 6 7/8" high on its 4-screw leveling base. The telescope is 15 3/4" long (min), extending to 17 1/2" by internal rack & pinion focussing, with a 1 1/8" diameter objective, lens cap, and doublet eyepiece. The telescope is mounted in heavy locking Y's that are attached to a 11" long heavy brass bar. A 7" long bubble level is mounted below the telescope. This interesting wye-level is in good display condition, noting that the objective lens is chipped around its edge and the telescope does not give a clear image (however, the crosshairs are present).

Charles Smart's "The Makers of Surveying Instruments in America Since 1700" lists Charles A. Saxe (1825 - 1898) in Philadelphia and a single transit engraved "Haitman and Saxe Philadelphia" is known. This Wye level is clearly engraved "Haittmann & Saxe Makers Philada." making it an unusual instrument by a virtually unknown late 19th century American partnership.


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