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Slide Rules


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 Slide Rules




Slide rule/case descriptions (i.e. VG/G) are given for the used slide rules: 
F (Fine - virtually mint condition, showing no signs of wear ) 
VG (Very Good - outstanding used condition, showing very little wear) 
G+ (Good Plus - above average used condition, showing normal wear but no defects)
G (Good - average used condition, showing significant wear but no serious defects)
Fr (Fair - below average condition, with substantial wear and/or defects described)






SR4-01) German, plastic on wood, cursor cracked, G $10

  • Front - A, [B, C], D, inches, centimeters
  • Back - [S, L, T]





SR5-01) Charles Bruning 2401, plastic, cursor cracked, leather slipcase, G/G $10

  • Front - A, [B, CI, C], D, K, inches, centimeters
  • Back - [S, L, T]

SR5-08) American, plastic on wood, slipcase, box, VG/VG $25

  • Front - A, [B, CI, C], D, K
  • Back - [S, L, T]





SR10-02) Dietzgen 1750P, with original cardboard slipcase, flap detached, no cursor, G/G $15

  • Front - inches, K, A, [B, CI, C], D, centimeters
  • Back - [S, L, T], Conversions

SR10-06) British Thornton AD 070, with original plastic slipcase, G+/G+ $50

  • Front - K, A, [B, CI, C], D, L
  • Back - blank

SR10-07) A.G Thornton P.I.C. 3654, with original cloth slipcase, G+/G+ $40

  • Front - A, [B, CI, C], D, inches, centimeters
  • Back - [S, L, T], conversions

SR10-09) Pickett Microline 120, plastic, G+ $10

  • Front - K, A, [B, S, T, CI, C], D, L
  • Back - blank

SR10-10) Pickett Microline 120, plastic, with original cardboard slipcase, box, VG/VG $15

  • Front - K, A, [B, S, T, CI, C], D, L
  • Back - blank

SR10-15) Dietzgen, plastic on wood, with leather slipcase, G/G $12.50

  • Front - E, A, [B, R, C], D
  • Back - [S, L, T], conversions

SR10-16) Sun Hemmi No. 2640, plastic on bamboo, with cardboard slipcase, VG/G+ $10

  • Front - E, A, [B, CI, C], D
  • Back - [S, K, T], conversions

SR10-17) Unknown maker, plastic on wood, with leather slipcase, G+/G+ $20

  • Front - A, [B, C], D
  • Back - [S, L, T]





Cajori, F. - "A History of the Logarithimic Slide Rule and Allied Instruments" together with "On the History of Gunter's Scale and the Slide Rule During the Seventeenth Century," (Mendham, NJ: Astragal Press reprint, 1994), pp vi, 112; hardbound - $25

Contina - "Instructions for Use of the Curta," (Gemmary reprint), pp 46, wrappers - $5

Thacher, E. - "Directions for Using Thacher's Calculating Instrument," (Gemmary reprint), pp 74,(4)ads, wrappers - $15

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